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Brown County Breakdown (7-12th grade; $35)
Including three fiddle tunes, Brown County Breakdown, Cuckoo’s Nest, and Bonaparte’s Retreat. The last tune was used by Aaron Copland in Copland’s Rodeo, and is also on a famous hamburger commercial.

Celtic Juggernaut (9-12th grade; $35)
With five traditional Irish tunes, starting easy and progressively more challenging, including the Star of the County Down, Highlands, The Rakes of Kildare, The Wise Maid, and The Gravel Walk. The viola and cello get the melody at times so that everybody enjoys the limelight. Add a bodhran (Irish drum) player if you have one in your area.

Fandango Nights (9-12th grade; $35)
Arranged by permission from the Latin violin duo, Willie and Lobo, this wonderful tune has the transcription of the violin and trumpet solos written out for the first and second violin sections. Includes an improvisation section. CD of Fandango Nights by Willie and Lobo is highly recommended to catch the flavor of this tune. Includes egg shakers.

Funk Attack (9-12th grade; $35)
A Seaborn original in the key of A, with a repeating bass line. The B section uses interesting intervals of 4ths for harmony. Includes an improvisation section, written out solos, and a piano part. May add drum set for interest.

Good Grief (9-12th grade; $35)
A Seaborn original with 3 sections, one playful and bouncy in the key of A, a somber part in the key of G, the third another simple and bouncy motif in the key of C. Includes an improvisation section and piano part, with written out solos for violin 1, 2, viola, and cello.

Gypsy Karavan Suite (9-12th grade; $35)
Based on the Gypsy Cimbolon Band, this suite is in three movements, with a Gypsy violin solo, trumpet and hammered dulcimer. Cimbolon is like a hammered dulcimer. Commissioned by the Pine-Richland High School Orchestra in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania.

How Swede It Is (9-12th grade; $70)
Five Swedish dances, including several Polskas in 3/2 time, from the Swedish bands Plommon and Draupner. The cellos and violas are featured on the melody. The third movement is a trio for violin, viola, and harp (Anders Vals). The other tunes are A minor Polska from Hultklappen, Kallnas Schottis, Double Bass Bride’s Polska, ending with the very lively Polka from Klos. Commissioned by the Kearney High School Orchestra in Kearney, Nebraska.

Seaborn Fiddle Medley ($35)
Old Joe Clark, Arkansas Traveler, Dixie Breakdown, June Apple, and Fire on the Mountain. Written for the Black Hills Symphony, also performed by the 7th and 8th grade Black Hills Orchestra program (1998), and the Saint Cloud Symphony Youth Orchestra (2008). June Apple is a triple fiddle feature including 2 violins and 1 viola.

Seaborn Swing (9-12th grade; $35)
Each string section has a written out soli transcription. The viola section imitates the guitar solo and has the most challenging solo of all, with some triplets in half position. Chord changes with written out back up parts are provided for the solo section, and a traditional swing ending. Performed by 7th & 8th graders in the Rapid City Strings in Concert, Rushmore Civic Center Auditorium, in March 1999.

Spirit of Wisdom (9-12th grade; $35)
For choir and string orchestra, this piece reflects the idea that nothing of value is ever lost in the universe. The beginning three minutes is improvised angel noises, using overtones created by playing close to the bridge (ponticello). The rebellion section is in 4/4 while the angelic sections are in 7/4 time. The piece ends with another one-minute improvisation creating a soft, ethereal, and reflective mood. Commissioned by the Sun Prairie High School Orchestra in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin in March 2006.

Zemer Atik (7-8th grade; $35)
A traditional Klezmer tune in the key of D, including a step and a half between Eb and F#. The B section is a sweet melodic interlude to this deep and introspective melody in a wonderful mode. Simple to play with enjoyable harmonies. Includes an improvisation section with chord changes and back up rhythm parts written out for the string sections.

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